Finally Burn Fat & Build Muscles Without Starving Yourself

Have you:

  • Struggled to lose excess weight or get into shape but failed to make that happen?
  • Gotten older and discovered you're looking pretty flabby?
  • Been so busy that you decided you'll never have time to exercise regularly?
  • Been overwhelmed with all the different diets, tips, and weight-loss advice everyone's raving about?
  • Given up on losing that "mum tum"?

Forget all that! Today is a brand-new day!

Champion vegan bodybuilder, Kim Constable, is offering a free masterclass to teach you how to get in the best shape of your life - without starvation dieting - even if you've lost all hope, secretly thinking, "This is just the way my body is now".

Ramp up your metabolism,
burn off fat (even in the hardest-to-shift places), and transform your body with muscular curves. 

It is possible and Kim's going to show you how,

One of my favorite quotes is:

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second-best time is now”.

It reminds me how, even though I’ve gotten out of the habit of taking care of myself physically, I will soon be where I want to be if I take action today.

I’ve started a “diet” so many times that, just hearing myself say “I should diet”, makes me want to puke.

Weight doesn’t come off as easy in my 40’s as it used to, after all.

Everybody’s out there posting this diet and this “tip” or that “secret”. And I’ve read so many scientifically-based nutrition books. I’ve gathered a lot of knowledge.

But knowing and doing are two different things, eh?

I WANT to eat more, not less.  I WANT to not have to do 30 freakishly long and boring minutes on a treadmill. Cardio is boring!

Here’s the thing: I’m an intelligent woman. I knew what needed to be done. So why couldn’t I do it?

Answer? I wanted a quick fix.

I was motivated by seeing results but couldn’t force myself to subsist on kale and force myself to do exercise I hated every day.

Until one day I discovered Kim Constable’s The Sculpted Vegan program that changed my life forever...

sculpt and shred

If you're going to learn from somebody, learn from somebody who 

knows what they're talking about...

Kim's a great teacher because:

  • She's "been there, done that"
  • She tells it like it is - no holds barred
  • She's positive, motivating, and she'll give you a kick in the pants whenever you need one.

Don't believe me? Check her out on her Instagram page (SculptedVegan).

Here's a picture from her page in case you don't use Instagram:


Kim's Program Solves Your Problem in 3 Ways:

Expert's Advice

You get the exact fat-burning and muscle-building system used by the leanest and most muscular athletes in the world that eradicates mum-tums, back fat, and cellulite 

Scientifically-backed Proof

Learn why trying to lose weight the regular way (AKA the "diet industry" way) is causing a new, hidden epidemic that slowly kills the metabolism and wreaks havoc on your hormones.

Every Step Laid Out for You

No more confusion or overwhelm! Everything is broken down into easy-to-follow steps that anyone can understand and use.

​Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for you? Here's how you can apply this to your life in just 3 steps:


Get Your Meals on Target

There's a saying "Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym". Kim shows you how to create a system that gets results without starving yourself. You can even get ready-made meal plans. It doesn't get easier than that!

masterclass 3


Train with Weights

Kim gives you a day-by-day exercise plan designed for maximum results. 

lift weights to lose weight


An Amazing Community

Never feel alone or confused. You'll join an active, positive, and motivating community that includes Kim, expert coaches, and lots of women just like you who are working on similar goals.

community of women


​Customer stories

See Instagram's @sculptedvegantransformations for plenty of testimonials



With Kim's program, not even one time did I feel hungry. She taught me a lot about food and has drastically changed my body.



This program has renewed my faith in myself. It reminded me how mentally strong I am. My kids tell me how strong I look...lead by example!



As a runner, I was doing heaps of cardio but couldn't understand why I couldn't lose that pocket of fat around my bellybutton. I Increased my calories, decreased cardio, and focused on weights - and it was gone!

Sign Up for the Free Masterclass and Qualify for Awesome Bonuses

When you attend Kim's masterclass 5 Little Known Secrets to Burning Stubborn Body Fat & Sculpting Muscular Curves, you'll learn:

✅ The exact fat-burning and muscle building system used by the leanest and most muscular athletes in the world that eradicates mum-tums, back fat and cellulite

✅ Why typical “diets” actually destroy a lot of lean muscles before most even get to see it (and what to do instead to preserve and build on what you’ve got, while still shredding)

✅ How trying to lose weight the regular way (AKA the "diet industry" way) is causing a new, hidden epidemic that slowly kills the metabolism and wreaks havoc on your hormones

✅ The “secret system” of physique athletes that keeps them lean all year round (without hunger pills, supplements, insane workouts or starvation diets)

But, if you sign up for her AMAZING 18-month course, you'll receive these incredible bonuses - but only if you register using this link.


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Not only is it insanely useful, it's also easy to use!  

Check out how easy it is:


Vitality! Fitness Tracker

Master Your Fitness with this incredible tool.

Choose whether you want an Excel version
or a use-anywhere Google Sheets version.


NOTE: If you attend the free Masterclass and opt to join Kim's amazing 18-month program, you will receive your two incredibly useful bonuses via email 14 days after you register for the program.

NOTE: If you attend the masterclass and agree to join Kim's amazing program and transform your life, you will receive these two amazing bonuses via email 14 days after you sign up.

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Kim Constable is the "Tony Robbins" of Fitness, and the class if filling up FAST.

Your life, your heallth, and your well-being are too important to forego this amazing opportunity.

Click the button and register for the free masterclass TODAY! 

Seats are limited!