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Each girl and woman discovers and utilizes her incredible inner strength
to fearlessly create a kick-ass life full of adventure and contribution.

Badass women

stand up for themselvesdon’t tolerate crappy relationshipsaccomplish great featsmake every day an adventurecrush fearflaunt their uniqueness

even when it seems impossible.


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Our Story

Our story is astronomical, so I tell it Star-Wars style (on desktop only).

Or, you can just

Let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Michele.
I’m a moron.


At least, I used to be.

See, I squandered too much of my life engulfed in weakness.

I spent years trying to please those who could not be pleased. I focused my whole being like a fine-tuned laser on that impossible mission.

I constantly attempted to be and do whatever I thought others wanted me to be and do.

After that, fear and anxiety vanquished my spirit and ravished my being. Powerlessness immobilized me.  I fretted about anything that might possibly happen because, well, what if I couldn’t handle it?

One day, though, I finally smartened up and realized,”Enough is enough!”.

I embarked on a mission to devour everything and anything I could find about mental toughness, inner strength, embracing your innate power, and living fearlessly.

Fortunately, I climbed that mountain and made it to the other side.

The Other Side is Exhilarating!

My fears dissipated. I embraced my innate power and crafted a life where every decision I made – every single day – was one that I deliberately chose.

I quit my soul-sucking job and earned income doing what I loved – without a “job”. I exiled anyone who couldn’t treat me with kindness and respect. The millions of worries that previously consumed my days evaporated. I now craft each day and cram it with passion, purpose, and drive.

Whatever happens doesn’t matter.  I can handle it.

And so can you.

You are not here to please others or be whoever “they” want you to be.

You were born to shine.

You are a badass woman.

There’s an Epidemic

I created this website because there’s an epidemic of excuses and helplessness that infects and destroys lives. It’s contagious, too!

I’ve met too many women who settle. They settle for less-than-stellar lives because they, too, harbor fear.

Fear of not being good enough. Fear of standing out. Fear of not “fulfilling their responsibilities”. Fear of disappointing people. Fear of making waves. Fear of sharing their unique gifts and making the world a better place as a result. Fear that they’re not in control. Fear that they’re not capable or smart or talented.

They hem-haw around and make excuses for why they can’t create the life of their dreams. Then they wonder why they end up with a mediocre life that never imbues the world with their incredible gifts.

It’s bullshit.

As women, we come from a long line of incredibly tough, powerful, and strong heroines.

Heed my rally cry, ladies: EMBRACE YOUR POWER!

Take a second and imagine this:

The shitstorm from Hell ferociously swirls around you.  The world as you know it is in utter chaos. Everything has fallen apart and is coming at you from all angles, fast and furiously.

And yet you stand in the middle of it all, calm and collected, ready to take whatever life can possibly throw at you.

You THRIVE. Not only do you thrive, but you are in total control.

You are that person.

Are You Already There?

If you’re already proud to be a badass woman, join us. Reach out your hand and lift a sister up.

Can you imagine how incredibly different this world would be if every woman and girl across the globe stood up, claimed her innate power, and acted on it?

That’s the world I want to live in. How about you?

I challenge you.

Will today be the day you declare, “I’m one badass woman!”?

Starting today, will you do whatever it takes to:

  • Live fully and completely from that deep and abiding place of power?
  • Excise those who treat you badly?
  • Delve deep within to discover your unique traits and talents and unapologetically share them with the world?
  • Discover how to exercise your inner strength in any situation life throws at you?
  • Proudly stand as a shining example of how to live a meaningful, adventurous life?

Need Guidance?

If you could use some guidance or inspiration, we are right here, extending our hand to you.

All you have to do is reach out and take it.

Join our journey and transform into a more empowered, stronger you.

The world is waiting for you to stand up, shine, and share.…

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