Join us!

Commit to develop your resilience and mental toughness

Can you imagine what this world will become
when every girl and woman embraces
her inner power?

Embrace your courage every day,
and help your sisters on this planet embrace theirs.

Every woman has the power to be a badass woman!

badass woman creed

This is what we believe and stand for.
If you want to fully commit to kicking your life up a notch or just discarding the old and building a something completely new, pledge to incorporate this code of ethics into your daily life (or write your own as you see fit).


I acknowledge and honor my inner strength and power.

I have a limitless well of courage, strength, and power deep inside, and I seek to harness and use it more and more each day.

I stand as a beacon, so others can rise and shine, too.

As I live a life true to my own values, desires, and needs, I become an example that encourages others to do the same.

I accept what is.

I celebrate diversity and uniqueness and accept things as they are. I do not judge or condemn. I allow others choose their own paths and learn what they need to learn from their choices.

I recommit every day.

My life is the sum of the tiny choices I make in each moment of now. In each new moment, I commit anew to strengthen and utilize my independence, responsibility, and personal power.

I question the status quo

I investigate and question the status quo so I can decide what’s true for me. I don’t blindly accept the beliefs, opinions, and expectations of others.

I act to turn philosophy into knowledge

Others share their philosophy, but until I act, feel, and internalize something, it is not my knowledge. Every day, I make an effort to take action and discover what’s right for me. I avoid passively absorbing the ideas and beliefs of others.

I do the hard stuff.

To live a life true to my own ideals can be hard, but I embrace difficulty. I know that the greatest treasures in life are the ones that are tough to obtain, hard to reach, and lie outside my comfort zone. I forgo the easy path and run toward the arduous one. I can do the hard stuff.

I give everything I’ve got

I realize life is short and it will be gone before I know it, so I make every day count. No matter what I do, I give it 110% of my focus, time, and energy. I live each moment fully so that, in the end, I overflow with experiences, memories, and wisdom.

I am willing to fail and be misunderstood

No trailblazer has ever accomplished something perfectly on the first try, and I know I must fail many times before I succeed. I embrace failure and ridicule as it tells me I’m on the right path. I learn, adjust, and never give up.

I take full responsibility

I take full responsibility for everything in my life. How I feel, what I have or don’t have, and what I do are my responsibility – not someone else’s. While it’s easy to place blame elsewhere, I take full control and ownership over my life and its outcomes.


Today I stand tall and commit to embodying these principles.

I will diligently make time each day to live more boldly and courageously.

I reclaim my power and contribute so that every girl and woman sharing this planet with me will recognize and seize her own inner strength and power.

As our individual lights shine more brightly and join together, we elevate humanity and radically

transmuteTransmute= “to radically change in form, nature, or function” our world.