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50 Determination Quotes to Drive You Past the Dungeon of Despair

50 Determination Quotes. When you need that extra oomph to propel yourself forward, use these [...]


Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski

People across the globe laud 25-year-old Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski with plenty of praise-worthy monikers, but [...]

How to Be Less Emotional (and Harness Your Power Instead)

Learn how to be less emotional and harness your power instead. Have your emotional outbursts [...]

Why I Don’t Depend on Anyone & Why You Shouldn’t, Either

Do you wish you could get to a place where you don't depend on anyone [...]

Lilly A.

Badass Women We Love tells the stories of everyday women who exemplify mental toughness, inner [...]

Margaret Bulkley Spent 56 years Posing as a Man

Margaret Bulkley had plenty of obstacles, but her ingenuity and persistence make her a true [...]

How to Care Less (Without Being a Heartless Bitch)

Have you ever visited a friend, and they made a comment about you that just [...]

Conquer Your Fear of Disappointing Others (Even if it’s Haunted You for Years)

Do you let a fear of disappointing others control your life? Learn to conquer the [...]


How to Quickly Overcome the ‘No One Understands Me!’ Doldrums

Do you ever think, “No one understands me!”? Learn to quickly overcome that crappy feeling [...]